Thoughts, photos, and musings about our upcoming baby-related life change.


Seven Months Old!


Well, it's been a while! Sorry about it being so long since we've posted updated pictures - I went on a trip for work during the entire month of June - and it's taken me a while to go through all the pictures that Maria took of Timothy while I was gone. 

Things have been going well with Timothy - we're feeding him solid food now, he's sitting up on his own, and we're just taking things one day at a time! He smiles and laughs a LOT, which is a lot of fun for both of us. While I was gone Maria went home to Virginia, so there are several pictures in the photo album from that trip.

Here are a couple of cute videos that we've taken:



We're excited to head out to Seattle in a few weeks to visit my extended family - introduce them to Timothy for the first time. I'm sure we'll have some pictures from that visit - but maybe not for a few months!

Here are the rest of the pictures!



Three Months

Time flies when you're having fun! It's hard to believe that it's been three months already. Not too much going on - just taking every day at a time. Here's a cute one of Timothy from just the other day:



He can smile pretty big when he wants to. But, he doesn't do it often. He has developed a distinct preference for Maria. I guess that makes sense - he gets all his food from her and spends almost all his time with her. Everyone says that it's a phase and it will pass. We started noticing it first when I couldn't get him to calm down if he was crying, so I'd give him to Maria and he would settle right down. Now we can tell when he's crying just because he's looking for Maria. I can normally keep him occupied enough - we play lots. He also likes the sound of the piano - which is good because I've been playing it a lot these days.

Here are some more videos that we took:



Everyone is doing well! We're planning on coming back down to the DC / Richmond area at the end of April, if that works out. Below is the link to an album of photos - lots of family that have come up to visit over the past few months. Almost none of them are on Facebook - but they can see themselves here!

Three Months!

Ok, talk to you later!


Two Months Old!

Well, it's been a while! I haven't had a chance to post much on the internet these past couple months. We've been busy taking care of our new son. Everything takes longer when you have a child. You can't just run out to the store, you have to make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need - even if you're just going to be out for 15 minutes. Who knows what could happen in those 15 minutes! And when I'm not helping out with Timothy, I'm taking pictures of him, or editing and sorting the pictures that I've taken. So yeah, not too much time for putting pictures on the blog. And now I realize that I never posted any on this blog, so here is our announcement picture:



Everything is going great! We're extremely blessed to have a child who is pretty easygoing. He doesn't cry too much unless he needs something, he is eating well, and we're really enjoying getting to know him. I've been taking a few videos once in a while so that you guys can see him in action. Here they are (excuse my poor camera work):





Here are a couple pictures of Timothy from the past couple months; click on them for the whole album.





Also: there are additional pictures of Timothy taken by our friend Kristen Bordonaro on her Facebook Page.

Thanks for stopping by, and let us know how you're doing!


Christmas Eve (one day left?)

The waiting is the toughest. For the past nine months, we've had a list of stuff to do: gear to buy, things on the house to fix, other preparations to make, etc. But for the past week, we haven't had anything to do. Except wait. We keep encouraging the baby to come out, but it seems that he's perfectly content in his little home. Needless to say, Maria would love to be done. Here's a video that I took this afternoon:



Also, Rachel asked for pictures of the baby room, so here they are!




Anyway, we hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season. And we hope to have some great news to share soon!


Two Weeks Left! (Maybe?)

Looks like it could be any day now. Maria is definitely ready to be done with being pregnant. Although, I think she's been handling it really well. She's still able to go up the stairs, and she still helps out around the house, although I have been doing a bit more than my lazy self is used to. Maria also has still been singing at church, but today was her last day. We are blessed that she has as much energy as she does - but each day is a challenge now. She took a ~2 hour nap after church this afternoon, which was fine with me, I just made a fire, watched football, and edited pictures.

We have ob/gyn appointments weekly now, and the Dr. says that we can expect the baby to be 8-8.5 lbs. At the last appointment they went ahead and scheduled appointments for the next few weeks: the 12th, the 19th, the 27th. Maria said: "wait, do I still come in after the baby is born?" To which the receptionist said "Oh, honey, the baby might not come on time." You could see the light go out in Maria's eyes when she said that... I think she's really looking forward to having me carry the baby for a while.

Here is the picture that we had printed on our Christmas cards this year.

It was quite challenging to do our own pictures! Even with a remote trigger, it was still a pain. Maria was gracious to let me put her through it. I may have a professional do our infant pictures... we'll see. Here's another fun picture we did. Who knows when the baby will come, but we're guessing it will be after Christmas.

This may be the last entry until the baby gets here - but who knows. Let us know how you are all doing! Later!


One Month to Go!

We were at BJ's tonight (like Costco for those of you who don't know what it is) picking up some stuff, and we bought our first case of diapers. At least they ease you into them - the infant diapers are much cheaper than the bigger ones. We got a box of 250 for $29, with a couple of coupons! 250 diapers should last us a week or so when the baby comes, according to what people have been telling us.

It's been a while since I've been able to update the blog... so much has happened! Our church threw a baby shower for Maria a few weeks ago, and she had a ton of fun. Thanks so much to our friend Nicole who worked so hard on the shower. In the picture below you can see the quilt that Nicole and our other friend Kate made for Maria. They said it was more for Maria than for the baby - she really loves purple.




Let's see, what else has been going on...

We started our "birthing" class at the hospital where we're going to deliver. That's been interesting. Not fun, but I've been learning a lot. Learning a lot about things I never wanted to know. I was hoping to just sit in the waiting room and hand out cigars, but I guess they don't do that anymore. Not in New York, anyway.

Maria's starting to slow down quite a bit, but she's still doing a lot around the house. She gets pretty tired, I don't think her lungs have very much room anymore. And she says that the baby is kicking her all the time. Hopefully it's good that he's so active.

Last weekend we did a little maternity shoot in our living room. I think that Maria still looks really good, even though she's 8 months pregnant. I'm hoping to have some Christmas cards made with a couple of the pictures that we took. One of the pictures is below.


We miss you guys, and hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving!


2 Months Left!

Well, we're coming to the end. Maria is getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. She's also waking up during the night more and more. We knew that the first few months with the baby would be pretty sleep-deprived, but we didn't know that the last several months of the pregnancy would be as well! But other than that, and a cold a couple of weeks ago, we've been doing pretty well. The baby room is almost clean and ready to go, hopefully we'll put up a couple of pictures in a couple of weeks. Speaking of pictures, here is a picture of Maria. 

Looking good, eh? I know that she's excited about her baby shower, which is coming up on October 30th. We're also excited that Maria's folks will be coming to visit that weekend.

Well, I don't have too much else to say, and I keep getting distracted from watching the Packers.... so I'll catch up with you all later!


3rd Trimester!

So, we've made it to the third trimester. Maria has been feeling mostly ok. The past few days she has had a cold which I know must be annoying as she can't take any medicine. It is keeping her up at night, in addition to having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. I'm glad I'm not a woman.  =)

Here's an updated picture:



Even I can feel the baby move around quite a bit these days. It's a pretty incredible experience.

The nursery is mostly ready. We got a crib (thanks to Maria's parents) that is very nice, and we've removed almost all of the other junk that was taking up space in that room. There isn't too much else to do! I just keep looking up when I'm outside and thinking about how many leaves I'll have to rake here in a few weeks. But, thankfully, we got most of the bigger projects done that we wanted to this summer.

Which leaves plenty of time for picture editing. I have two weddings this coming weekend, and I'm very excited about them. It was a tough decision when my good friends asked if I would shoot their wedding. At the time, no one knew we were pregnant, and I wanted to make sure that I would have enough time to finish editing all the pictures before the baby comes. We'll see how that goes. =)

Oh, and since everyone has been asking me... we are registered mostly at Babies R Us, and some things are at Target. Those should be links to the registries, let me know if they don't work.

Also, a note for any future parents out there... when you go to register for baby stuff, start in the toy section. Those are easy for anyone to understand. Don't make the same mistake we did and start with the "infant feeding" section. We stood there for half an hour wondering what the difference was between the "natural nipple" and the "low flow nipple" and all the different brands... it was a nightmare. Seriously, I've seen horror movies less scary.

I hope that everyone is having a good week. Give us a call sometime! Talk to you later.


~Tyler & Maria


Week 25

So we went to Babies R' Us for the first time the other day. Well, it was MY first time, anyway. I think I stood in the doorway for about 30 seconds - in shock. I couldn't believe that enough baby stuff exists to fill a store of that size. You can buy anything that you need, and lots of stuff that you don't. If you go in one of those stores and ask them what you "need" for a new baby... they'll tell you that you need a crib, car seat, video monitor, a wipe warmer (don't want your baby to get a chilly bum), a womb sound machine?!? (is that a real product?)  Well, you get the idea. I like what I recently saw in one of the baby books I've been reading... other than the infant car seat, without which the hospital won't let you leave, there isn't too much gear that you absolutely must have.  Which is a relief.

We bought our first piece of baby gear the other day. After tons of online research (random online reviewers really are the experts, right?), we decided to get the Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller - it seemed to get good reviews from most people. We still need to pick up some other things, but we're getting there!

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to visit our friends who recently moved out to New Mexico, Ryan and Shelly. We enjoyed doing some hiking, shopping, and eating while we were out in the southwest. Here's a picture of us on the top of a volcano that is right to the west of Albuquerque.

The kitchen renovation is pretty much finished, and I'll try to post some shots of that once it's clean enough to take pictures. I also took some updated pictures of Maria, and they are below. Talk to you later!



Week 22

After receiving numerous requests from family and friends, we've decided to put up some photos and info to help keep people in the loop. I'm not so big on posting all this stuff to Facebook, but figured that my own website would be ok. Here is a picture from our recent sonogram:



We're so excited about adding to our family, I can't even describe it. It didn't even seem real until this last sonogram, where you could see the baby in glorious detail. Right after the appointment, we went to Target and tried to restrain ourselves from buying all the cute baby stuff on the shelves. I had to practically drag Maria out of the baby section.

People have been asking how things are going. Maria had a rough first trimester, she struggled quite a bit with morning sickness. It is tough to feel sick all the time and not be able to tell anyone about it. But since then, she's been feeling pretty good, and everything is going well. Her next appointment is in a couple of weeks.

We also have started taking a series of pictures showing Maria's baby bump progression. Here is the first one below.



If you have any questions or thoughts, email us or use the comments below!