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If you're wondering what I've been up to:


So yeah, not too much time lately for updates! Here are some pictures from the vault. Last summer over Labor day weekend we went out to visit our good friends who live in Albuquerque, NM. 


Thanks to my friend Shelly who took this picture. 

So we had fun on one of our last trips as the two of us... from now on it's the three of us!

All Albuquerque pictures here.


Pacific Northwest

Over Memorial Day weekend we drove around Washington State, trying to hit as many great spots as possible. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of snow that the west received this year, Hurricane Ridge still had 14 feet of snow and was socked in with fog. But other than that, the sights were gorgeous, and we had a great time in this beautiful section of the country.

Here are some of my favorite shots.



David and Janine's Wedding


Back in April I had the pleasure to shoot a wedding for a lovely couple, David and Janine. Their ceremony was in this beautiful little country church up here in upstate New York. It was a blustery spring day, but the ceremony and reception were gorgeous, even though the weather didn't cooperate. Not only did I offer my photography services, but I rescued the bride's veil after a stiff wind tore it off her head after she got out of the limo! Fortunately there aren't any pictures of me tearing across the parking lot with my two cameras.

Thanks to Shelly Pickett for second-shooting for me, between the two of us we captured a ton of images. What a great day!



Skiing at Mt. Baker

Earlier this winter I had the opportunity to ski for a weekend at Mt. Baker in Washington State. What an amazing spot to put a ski area! It's right in the shadow of Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker. They hold the world record for the most snowfall in a season for a ski area. Somewhere around 1200 inches in a year, or something like that. The skiing was incredible, so much powder you could jump off a cliff and land in soft fluffy stuff. And, we were fortunate to have a couple of days with blue sky, which, if you've never skiied before, is rather unusual.

The pictures in the gallery are different than my usual style, in that they have people in them. But that's ok, hopefully you'll enjoy them anyway!


The Magic of Disney


Disney World is one of the most impressive places I've ever been. I've always enjoyed theme parks or amusement parks, but Disney World is the greatest one I've ever visited.

Every ride is an experience. The entrance, the line, the ride itself, and the exit are all designed to create a unified theme. This "Disney Magic" makes the ride itself more fun than it otherwise would be. Even their more thrilling rides (Space Mountain, for example) don't go as fast or high as roller coasters at other parks, but something about the experience is still magical. Tons of fun if you've never been there.

Another highlight was getting to see Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay's quarterback, the day after Green Bay won the Super Bowl. A picture of him in the parade is at the link below.

I took a bunch of pictures, so check them out.